About Us

Imagine not being able to read or write your own name.  775 Million people worldwide are functionally illiterate, preventing them from acquiring jobs, have access to healthcare or create better lives for their families.  Literacy is the key to many of the world issues of poverty and illness. 

In 2017, Carly Peeters created the Literally Literacy Foundation to raise awareness and spread resources that promote literacy.   In keeping with its goal to spread literacy across the globe, our organization has helped build schools in remote islands of Camarines Sur (Philippines) and Baie Trinite (Haiti).   


It is the mission of the Literally Literacy Foundation to eradicate illiteracy worldwide by teaching children key language and literacy skills and giving them access to education, because just one child and one book can change the world.   



In March 2018 we were fortunate to raise over $10,000 and partner with Yellow Boat of Hope to build a school/typhoon shelter. We trekked to the outer-lying Caramoan village of Sitio-Lapata, and had the opportunity to stay overnight in the village to learn more about their culture. Check out our recap video! 

Huge thank you to all the donors that made this trip possible! 


A few months after the Philippines in June 2018, we were blessed to take another trek to a rural village in Haiti. Through buildOn, we spent 10 days breaking ground on a new school building while being immersed in Haitian culture! 

Thank you again to everyone that donated and helped make this trip a reality! 



In September 2019, we launched our annual "Got Your Back" Backpack Drive! We were able to collect over 50 backpacks stuffed full of school supplies and donate them to kids in the foster care system. Huge thank you to all our vendors, volunteers, and donators for making this event possible!

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