Green Lit Minute

Green literacy is key in changing our future for the better.  The Green Lit Project is Literally Literacy Foundation's initiative to help kids develop eco-friendly habits.  Habits control a lot of our actions.  For instance, as children we have formed the habit of brushing our teeth before going to bed or when we wake in the morning.  It is something we do without debating in our head if it is right or not.  If making eco-friendly choices become habits, kids will grow up making the same choices as adults.  I will be sharing eco-friendly tips on a wide range of topics related to environmental awareness.  Send me your tips and videos and we may include you on the next green lit minute.

Check your Sunscreen!
Petition to Reduce Single-Use Plastic
Go Green with your Dog
Get Fancy with Cloth Napkins
Your Water Use
Gardening Exercise Day
Forget Google: Plant Trees with Ecosia
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