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Jumpstart Gets Kids Ready to Read

I’ve decided to give a little bit more background info on the two main organizations I work with - Jumpstart and BuildOn. Through Literally Literacy I hope to work with as many different programs as I can to advocate the importance of being literate. This week I will focus on Jumpstart because next Tuesday I get the opportunity visit the Southern California Jumpstart office and help plan their Summer Playdate with YPI on the 28th! If you would like to attend this event with your child, just send me a message on the site and I can email you the details!

Jumpstart is based out of Boston, MA, but they are a national organization. I first started working with the Southern California division in December 2016, and seeing the kids faces light up while reading books and learning inspired me to make Literally Literacy my platform. Jumpstart is fueled by the belief that providing equal education opportunities to young children contributes to breaking the cycle of poverty, and I couldn’t agree more. 43% of adults that have Level 1 Literacy Skills (the lowest literacy proficiency level) live in poverty, compared to just 4% of Level 5 adults. In low-income neighborhoods, children start kindergarten 60% behind their peers from more affluent communities because they don’t have access to the same early education resources. Jumpstart recruits volunteers from the community to be trained in the curriculum, and these volunteers typically serve 200 hours over the course of the school year, engaging kids twice a week in two hour sessions. Children involved in the Jumpstart program showed 1.5x greater gains in important literacy skills compared to kids who were not in the program. The Jumpstart curriculum focuses specifically on key skills that studies have shown are critical for the development of a child’s language, literacy, and social-emotional development.

Every year Jumpstart holds a national event called Read for the Record! This year Read for the Record will take place on October 19, and the official book is “Quackers" by Liz Wong. You can register to read and pre-order your book here!

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