• Carly Peeters

3 Quick, Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Literacy Skills

Hi everyone! I can't believe nationals is coming up, this time next week I'll be in Charleston, West Virginia! I put together 3 quick and easy ways that you can strengthen your literacy skills, regardless of your age.

1. Read a news article

Reading a news article is a great way to stay up to date with information, while simultaneously strengthening your literacy skills. Articles are generally pretty short, allowing you to read and process the information on the go. Processing the information you read is also exercising your critical thinking skills, however, I encourage you to read multiple articles on a topic and collect all the facts before forming your own opinion, as each author has their own opinion and the bias that comes with it.

2. Reading to a child

This way isn't as fast as the other two, but it will definitely help keep your brain sharp. Many people don't realize reading to a child can actually help strengthen their own skills, even though the words are very simple.

3. Peak

Peak is a free app available on both android and iphone. It is a "brain-training" app that helps improve memory, focus, mental-agility, problem solving, and of course, language. The app offers over 30 mini-games that you can play on a daily basis, as well as a chart to track your progress. The games are simple to understand, and relatively quick, so you can get a few done while waiting for your daily starbucks instead of scrolling through instagram.

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