• Carly Peeters

School is Back In!

As the first day of school fast approaches, school supplies will be in high demand. Recently when I was shopping for school supply donations for the Boys and Girls club in Charleston, WV, I came across a brand called Yoobi.

Every time you buy a school supply item from Yoobi, they donate an item to a classroom pack which will eventually go to a classroom in need in the U.S. It doesn't cost anything extra, and these classroom packs are distributed through the Kids in Need Foundation. High poverty schools have the double burden of improving the academic performance of their students while providing extra materials to supplement the students' basic needs that cannot be met by their families. Because of this classroom packs are aimed at the elementary schools with the most need, schools where approximately %70 of the kids receive free or reduced meals, so that kids are provided with the tools they need at the time where it will have the greatest impact on their education.

99% of teachers have to buy essential classroom materials with their own money, and they spend $485 on average each year. Since its inception in 2014, yoobi has been able to impact 2 million kids across the nation, as well as Australia through the "Yoobi Down Under" project.

Attacking a problem at its root is the best way to beat it, which is why helping provide early education opportunities is so important. The graduation rate of kids in poverty who can't read proficiently is 26%. By providing dedicated teachers with supplies to benefit their classroom, we can help more kids read proficiently from a younger age, reducing the high school dropout rate and giving more kids the tools they need to be successful.

Visit or your local target to purchase Yoobi school supplies.

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