• Carly Peeters

International Literacy Day & National Library Sign-up Month

Last Friday, 9/8/17, was International Literacy Day! I had the chance to visit the Central Library in Downtown LA and learn about the history of the library, as well as their many child, teen, and adult programs to improve literacy. The Caroline and Henry E. Singleton Adult Literacy Center features free programs for ESL, Literacy Tutoring, and Families with children under the age of 5 enrolled in one of the programs are given free children’s books and are taught how to read to their kids. The Central Library is one of my favorite Libraries because they also feature a “Teenscape” - a teens only area of the library where they can get help with homework, read books targeted at their age group, and even just go relax and hang out. Teens are also encouraged to get involved with the different volunteer programs the library systems to create a deeper sense of community and help set them on a path to success.

With a library as amazing as this, who wouldn’t want to be apart of it? Well this month is National Library Card sign up month! Libraries across the country are pushing sign ups, not just the LA Public Library System, so make sure you go and get yourself a card at your local library today! Libraries are evolving to be more of a community center than just somewhere to store paper books, and many feature special events throughout the year as well as weekly programs that can be free to participate in. If you go and get yourself a card, or you just decide to go visit your local library, make sure to tag @intlpageants @missteeninternational and hashtag #literallyliteracy so I can see the posts!

Always remember,

One child, and one book, can change the world.

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