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Green Lit Project

Updated: May 23, 2019

Literacy is the single factor that can affect every aspect of society - from poverty, health, and environment. This is why I had created the Literally Literacy Foundation to help promote it worldwide. Starting this month, we are launching the Green Lit Project to teach kids eco-friendly habits that will sustain them as they grow into contributing members of the community. Just as it is important to help kids learn the basics of reading, I find that it is just as important to also teach them ecological literacy. Children are our future and if kids grow up respecting the earth, they will one day grow up to be the leaders of our communities and they will not need to be convinced to take care of the earth with their policies. They will just do so because it will be second nature to them by then.

I visited the Boys and Girls Club in Paso Robles and in Atascadero to teach kids about what they can do care for Mother Nature. We talked about reducing waste, reusing things they already own and to practice recycling as much as they can. We then made Mother's Day Cards from recycled paper and necklaces using seeded paper hearts and twine.

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