• Carly Peeters

5 Eco-Friendly Things Kids Can Do

Updated: May 23, 2019

There are many things that we should be doing already that are environmentally good. These are the same things we should also be teaching kids so they will grow up with eco-friendly habits. Here are 5 tips that I share with kids when I talk to them about living "green."

1) REUSABLE WATER BOTTLES. I have a ton of reusable water bottles from having dance and acting classes and always needing water to hydrate at some point. Why pay for water that is marked up 200% and it tastes the same? Using reusable bottles reduces the plastic pollution that is killing animals in the ocean.

2) SAVE WATER. It is easy enough to teach kids to save water when they brush their teeth or take a shower. Every minute of the water does not run saves 2.1 gallons.

3) SAVE ENERGY. Just like saving water, kids can save energy by turning the light off when they leave the room. Encourage them to do active playtime and take a break from the television or their video games. Use rechargeable batteries which will decrease toxic waste.

4) GARDENING. Kids love to watch things grow. Plant their favorite vegetables and help them care for the plants from seed to table. Have kids save the waste from the fruits they eat and maybe start a compost bin if you have space, or take it to your community composting center.

5) WALK. It's much easier to jump in a car just to go a few blocks to the store. All of grade school, I rode my bike to go to school. It was only five blocks away, but my parents walked behind me when I was a kindergartner to make sure I made it to and from school safely. Walking instead of riding the car saves on your carbon footprint.

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