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Book Review: The School for Good and Evil

A unique fantasy book, Soman Chainani's "The School for Good and Evil" is a beautifully written tale with enchantingly magical illustrations by Iacopo Bruno. Perfect for people who like fairy tales, this story provides a wide range of emotions; a few being excitement, suspense and relief. I'd recommend this book and the rest in the series to 10+ as it has mildly strong language.

Sophie wanted more than anything to be kidnapped. Every four years, two children - one beautiful, one ugly - are stolen away from the forest surrounded village of Galvadon. They fear being sent to the School of Good and Evil. But Sophie is different and had waited all her life to be sent to the dreaded school. She loves fairy tales, and desperately wants to be a princess, so she believes the school could be her chance. However, her best friend Agatha has other ideas, believing the whole "school for good and evil" is nonsense. Until the best friends are chosen and Sophie believes it's all going perfectly. But then it all goes wrong. Because sometimes, the princess and the witch don't look like they do in fairy tales.

I adored this book and spent ages every day reading it, thoroughly enjoying each and every page. It is the sort of book that I like, and the plot is imagined wonderfully. I would rate it a solid 10/10 stars because overall, it's just such an amazing book!

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