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Zero Waste Beach Picnic

Zero Waste Beach Picnic

It was such a beautiful day this past Monday, Memorial Day, that we decided to go on a picnic at the beach. My sister and nephew were in town visiting and I thought what a great opportunity to try to make our beach day as zero waste as possible. Picnics are always fun and I wanted to contribute to my nephew's green literacy without making it such a huge deal.

Here's some tips:

1) Finger foods only. This was so we did not need any utensils to eat. We brought mini hamburger sliders, pigs in a blanket and Crab rangoons for our main dish. Instead of chips we had baby carrots and pepperoncini peppers for some crunch and ranch sauce for dipping. For dessert we had apple turnovers and fresh strawberries and grapes.

2) We used pyrex containers with covers for the food and mason jars for the fruit, carrots, pepperoncinis and ranch sauce.

3) To drink we brought lemonade and water in reusable bottles.

4) We used cloth napkins instead of paper.

5) We didn't use straws for our drinks and didn't even miss them.

6) We brought just enough food that we knew we would eat or drink, and we had no food waste when we were done.

The food were pretty easy to transport dividing them between our two tote bags. I thought all the glass containers would be heavy and cumbersome but they really were not. We had plenty of room in our totes for our towel, extra shirts and sunscreen.

Next time you have a picnic, plan ahead and have zero waste. Your planet will thank you!

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